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WP Super Cache Review - The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing WordPress

Written by dk2lx1z on 07/22/2020
WP Super Cache Review - The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing WordPress

Want to become happy by seeing the remarkable performance of your website? If yes, you must not overlook high-quality caching plugins available for WordPress.

What they can do is a lot more to feel than just say! We can assure you that a speedy and responsive website will be available at your end after installing caching plugins.

They will help you overcome possibilities posed by posting the new content and installing additional plugins that significantly slow down the website’s speed. And, you already know the importance of website loading speed.

Without further ado, let's check up on the WP Super Cache review as the best caching plugin for WordPress below.

WP Super Cache Review - The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing WordPress

What is WP Super Cache?

WP Super Cache is one of the famous and free WordPress caching plugins. This static plugin works by generating HTML files to served directly on Apache without processing of heavy and expensive PHP scripts.

Furthermore, the created static HTML files will be served to a variety of users, such as those who haven't logged in or who haven't left any comment on blogs. Thus, a cached file can be served hundreds to thousands of times without any difficulty.

All in all, the WP Super Cache plugin would claim itself the best for the ones who are struggling with a high number of daily visitors on their or any loading issues.

Key Features & Benefits - WP Super Cache Review

Let us explore the key features and benefits of using the WP Super Cache plugin as follows.

  • Three Ways Of Serving Cached Files

According to speed, WP Super Cache helps you serve generated cache files in three different ways, as discussed below.

  • Expert

Expert is serving cached files in quickest mode and is highly applicable when you are stuck with a massive amount of traffic per day. It is recommended to be fast if your web server also supports the Apache mod_rewrite module. However, the correct modification of .htaccess files is necessary to avoid slow site speed and similar scenarios.

  • Simple

It’s the simplest method of serving super cached files. There is no need for .htaccess file configuration and its changes except the custom permalink. So, it is secure and dynamic as well.

  • WP-Cache Caching

You can call this a custom and slow caching as compared to super caching. Here, the pages are cached for known URLs, users with feeds, and parameters. Those known users could be the ones who leave comments on your blog or log in there. However, visits of unknown users will also be cached if you have disabled the super caching mode.

  • Garbage Collection

Go with the garbage collection feature to clean up the cache directory regularly. It helps to delete old files with the application of specific advanced settings. Those advanced settings are namely the Cache Timeout, Scheduler, and Notification Emails.

  • Preloading

Preloading allows making cached files for categories, posts, and tags of files. Nonetheless, the process is time-consuming when you have lots of posts on the website. It generally works by visiting each page and making a cached page for the same. You can also disable the garbage collection feature if the process is taking too long to complete.

  • Rest API

Access the settings of the plugin with the help of the Rest API feature. You are required to be an authenticated admin user by enabling the settings and permissions for the same.

  • Custom Caching

Yes, custom caching is now easy to do with WP Super Cache. You can hook in its process using the function called add_cacheaction(). And, three such hooks are available for the purpose.

  • Adding WordPress hooks: add_cacheaction
  • WP-Cache key modification: wp_cache_get_cookies_values
  • Modification of admin page or to add new options for configuration: cache_admin_page.

How To Use WP Super Cache Plugin?

Given below is an ultimate brief guide to using the WP Super Cache plugin.

  • WP Super Cache Settings

You need to activate the plugin right after the installation. Click Settings> WP Super Cache for plugin setup. Check the Caching On as it is recommended. Then, select the Update Status button after your caching gets started. You can click Test Cache to check the caching process.

It will test the process by fetching twice your WordPress site and comparing timestamps on both pages. The caching process is clarified if the timestamp got match on both the pages.

  • Cache Files Serving

Serve cache files in WP Super Cache using mod_rewrite vs. PHP mode. However, PHP is the default mode, which is resource-intensive and is generally applicable to shared hosting environments. Well, you must also try mod_rewrite settings on a shared host. Go to Settings> Advanced> Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files.

  • Page Compression with WP Super Cache

Are you using Google PageSpeed Tool? Then, you must turn on compression as recommended. Then, files will be sent using the page compression method on the user's browser and screen display. The overall page speed and web response get drastically improved after its activation. It's not a default feature. So, click Settings> Advanced> Cache hits to this website for quick access> Compress pages, so they’re served more quickly to visitors.

  • CDN Support

The CDN works quite smoothly on WP Super Cache. Go to the plugin settings and hit the CDN tab to add the CDN URL. Additional CNAMEs can also be added to ignite the website’s performance. It also dramatically allows serving static content such as JavaScript, CSS, and images from various servers around the globe.

Importance of WordPress Caching Plugins

Even though caching is highly significant to a WordPress website, underestimated by many users. The reason could be a lack of awareness which we'd like to clarify here in this section.

The aim of caching is to make static version content so that visitors served with a better and speedy website. The so-called server load could also be reduced with caching when it doesn't have to send those back and forth queries, causing the database to become confused. Even if you are not updating your post daily, the caching makes a static copy, which leads to avoidance of those back and forth database queries.

  • Enhances Overall Website’s Performance

A caching plugin speeds up the web site's performance by creating a super fast and static version of files to serve the site visitors better. And, the static version is quick as compared to slow and dynamic database queries.

  • Reduce Load On Hosting Servers

A load on your hosting server will also be reduced drastically with the implementation of a caching plugin. So, this is because it saves I/O and other server memory operations. Thus, it could be beneficial for the ones with limited hosting plans.

  • Favorable Ranks

The output of fast websites can also be counted among better Google rankings. No doubt, you have to have other factors considered, but caching affects these things to a great extent. Provided all the factors constant, a site with fast page loading speed will rank better than a site with slow page loading speed.

  • Improved User Experience

Of course, the fast site means better user experience. They don't have to wait a long time before your server performs that database queries task. At the same time, the user's bandwidth is also saved since cached files are space-saving compared to dynamic queries. However, your caching plugin must be combined and used to minify CSS and JavaScript apart from basic features.

Pros & Cons

In the end, we'd like to state the merits and demerits of using the WP Super Cache plugin.

Pros - WP Super Cache Review

  • Easy to use
  • Three serving ways to visitors
  • Free and popular

Cons of WP Super Cache

  • No minification
  • A few basic features


So, this is our well-defined WP Super Cache plugin review. In short, WP Super cache originates static HTML files and is a rapid caching WordPress engine. Hopefully, you have recognized the importance of WordPress caching and looking to invest in high-tech caching plugins.

Happy WordPress Maintenance!

Article written by dk2lx1z
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