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WP Compress Image Optimization - Is It Effective?

Written by dk2lx1z on 07/05/2020
WP Compress Image Optimization - Is It Effective?

Whenever a web presence is there, you can’t ignore the fact of image compression. It’s vital and necessary to the core for overall improved performance. Along with other factors, it's one of the most significant points to take note of. Optimization with regards to content and the image needs to be done correctly using the high-tech tools provided by WordPress itself. Most of the developers are engaged in making user-friendly plugins, especially for image compression. Most of them have even completed the development of plugins, which comes out to be highly useful and beneficial.

After our prior recommendation of one such plugin called ShortPixel, we will review WP Compress as another image optimizer in 2020. So, let’s get started by knowing what WP Compress really is.

What is WP Compress Image Optimizer?

The plugin is developed by the WP Compress itself with almost every required function for best image compression. WP Compress is free up to a specific limit and charge in terms of credits afterward. It aims at improving the site load times, reducing the image file size, and boosting conversions. Simultaneously, the plugin claims to preserve the original image quality even after the optimization process.

Key Features & Benefits of WP Compress

Let's consider the goals of the WP Compress image optimization plugin in the section given below.

  • You can operate the platform on auto-pilot mode. It means that images are directly optimized right after they upload them on the website.
  • It features three compression modes to choose from.
  • The plugin features CDN access to experience fast loading time on sites around the world.
  • You can automatically resize the images by setting a specific limit.
  • The WP Compress plugin also supports the restoration of original images.
  • The compression up to 50 images are supported for free. Afterward, you need to pay $5 per month for extra credits.

Merits of WP Compress

  • Detailed reporting
  • Support bulk optimization
  • Live and Local optimization modes
  • Features lazy loading

Demerits of WP Compress

  • A bit confusing user-interface
  • Only supports reduction up to 70% or less
  • Just basic features in free version

How To Perform Image Optimization With WP Compress?

Let's dive into the process of using WP Compress in real-scenario. Know how the user-interface looks like and be used in reality for compression purposes.

  • Installation & Activation
wp compress review installation

Go to the official Plugin Directory of WordPress and install WP Compress Plugin. Then, you need account registration for access, which could take just a few seconds to complete. After activation, paste the API key on the dashboard to start using the plugin.

  • Settings Configuration
wp compress image optimization guide

The plugin already comes with pre-defined and default settings. These settings are generally recommended for use. However, the tech-savvy guys or the ones who want to explore the settings window can take a look at these default settings. Its control panel is somewhat unique and different from other tools. The ones who are new to advanced features may find it a bit confusing.

The first option is to choose among three compression modes of Lossless, Intelligent, and Ultra. The Ultra model is similar to High Compression and results in poor image quality. This is why lossless compression is at default. The Over-Compress Prevention function of WP Compress helps you preview the output optimization and undo anyone, which looks to be too weak in quality.

You can further access features such as lazy load and CDN access on WP Compress’s premium plan. CDN access helps you upload the images on the global network much faster. On the other hand, the lazy load is quite useful for enhanced user-experience.

  • Bulk Optimization
wp compress pricing review

As the plugin presents only a single setting window, so you need to access the bulk optimization this way. Go to Media> Optimize All Images for bulk optimization.

Right below the Optimize all images, you have the option to Restore all images in bulk.

Activate the list view to compress individual images manually.

  • WP Compress Image Optimization
is wp compress review worth it?

The last step is to analyze the image optimization done via WP Compress. You can either choose for bulk optimization or manually compress individual images. As mentioned earlier, it helps you optimize up to 50 images for free. Then, the plan starts at $5 per month for optimizing 500 images with additional credits of 1000 photographs to get started.

All in all, the WP Compress helps to reduce the images down to just 9% in lossless compression. The number may look pretty okay, but it can't be compared with ShortPixel, which gives the highest reduction without any loss in original image quality. However, the WP Compress's most upper compression goes around just 60-65% than the original image file size.

  • Pricing Plans of WP Compress

The three basic pricing structures are offered by WP Compress with free compression up to 50 images initially. Then, you have a plan starting at $5 per month, as already discussed. The detailed pricing plans are as follows.

  • $5/month – 500 images, 25GB CDN access plus 1000 image credits as a starter bonus.
  • $10/month – 2,500 images, 50GB CDN access plus 2,500 image credits as a starter bonus.
  • $15/month – 5,000 images, 125GB CDN access plus 5,000 image credits as starter bonus.

And, there are higher plans that cover almost 25,000 images per month with respective credit packs. Overall, it’s a worth considerable plugin with agency features and multi-website support.

How To Increase Web Page Speed?

Apart from the core-essential image optimization, use several other techniques to increase your page speed. It matters for better Search Engine Optimization, especially when you don't have any control over backlinks. For the purpose, you can use cache files, CDN access, and minimize resources. Therefore, you need to actually keep a check on bounce rates and increase the overall page speed for better performance. You can do the following tasks for this thing to happen.

  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDNs are a recommended way to speed up a site’s performance. What they typically do is store your website copies on different servers across the globe. Thus, the file can be accessed from the closest server whenever the user requests it. The famous one is Cloudflare.

  • Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

A website contains a considerable amount of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files, which need to be minified significantly for improving the page speed. You can further different WP plugins that can minify their codes and eliminate things like function names and long variables.

  • Browser Caching

Caching can improve performance by up to 10 times. However, you need to configure it correctly. WordPress users can quickly go for using plugins made for the purpose. This browser caching also improvises the user-experience as they don't have to download all the files again.

  • Reduce the number of redirects

Redirects slow up the website. Every time a visitor faces a redirect, he’ll have to wait for additional HTTP requests to complete the response cycle. So, make sure to follow this best practice, as suggested by Moz itself.

  • Server Response Time

The ideal response time for the server is said to be less than 200 minutes. On the other hand, it is significantly impacted by the traffic on the website, page resources, software, and hosting solution. So, you need to check for specific bottlenecks such as slow routing, slow database queries, and lack of memory, etc. Fix them as soon as possible to increase the page loading speed.


The use of WP Compress plugin and additional tips can get you really experience a fast loading site as desired by the Google as well. For some reason, people may find the interface of WP Compress a bit different, which could be normal because of a unique approach by the developer. Even though the plugin is quite noticeable, you still need to check out the ShortPixel review for a better overall experience.

Article written by dk2lx1z
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