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WP Swift Performance Review: The All-In-One Optimization Tool For Website

Written by dk2lx1z on 07/21/2020
WP Swift Performance Review: The All-In-One Optimization Tool For Website

Want a swift like performance for your website? Most likely, the Swift Performance WordPress plugin makes the most for your site by caching pages and doing a lot more stuff than desired.

First of all, we want to state that you must not underestimate the importance of website caching.

Even though caching is a pretty complicated process, but the underlying principle is straightforward. What it exactly does is make the result simpler without any need for heavy calculations. Whenever a user visits the website, their browser makes requests to the specific web page. Then, the server has to do a bundle of calculations to generate the result. Further, this all can be made super easy via caching.

Especially when you are a seller of service or product, and you have lots of audience on your website, caching is the thing you should not ignore at all. It must be there for fast websites and improved user experience.

We are going to discuss the detailed WP Swift Performance plugin review in this post as follows.

WP Swift Performance Review: The All-In-One Optimization Tool For Website

What is WP Swift Performance Plugin?

WP Swift Performance plugin is said to be more than a caching plugin with one-click setup, no coding knowledge requirement, and super-fast WordPress performance. All in all, it is a performance and cache plugin available freely as well as in Pro version for advanced users. It claimed to improve the website loading speed and offer a modern and intelligent caching system. Here we can also cache dynamic pages, AJAX requests, and even add exceptions such as page, URL, or rules that are content-based.

Key Features & Benefits - WP Swift Performance Review

Its swift-like performance comes with the following key features and benefits.

CSS & JavaScript Optimization

It’s the most essential and recognized feature of WP Swift Performance. The static resources delivery is there to minify and combine various CSS files and generate a critical CSS intended for a separate page. The JavaScripts are also minified, connected, and can be moved to footer devoid of any issues. The Async Execute solution also offers combination and minification of scripts. It further enhances SEO score and provides a quick JS execution.


The caching works excellent and is highly compatible with platforms such as bbPress, Cloudflare, WooCommerce, and Varnish. The aim is to enhance the SEO score, user experience, and overall performance.

Database Optimization

As experienced WordPress users, we always suggest to clean the database. The inbuilt DB optimizer of WP Swift Performance helps clear out orphans, expired transients, spam comments, and duplicate metadata. At the same time, scheduling each task is also recommended because by no means it has been that more accessible to keep it super clean.

WP Swift Performance Review - Plugin Organizer

The Plugin Organizer plays a significant role in regulating operations of different WordPress plugins. If you have lots of plugins installed on your website that are necessary also, then there’s a need to manage those plugins effectively. It's plugin organizer disable different plugins and let them run where they are required. You can easily set up admin pages, URL match, exceptions, Frontend, and AJAX action policy for top results.

WP Swift Pro Features

It would be great if you switch for Pro account because of the following advanced features.

Critical Icon Fonts

Set the icons you are already using on-site and customized them as per different fonts. You can select from a list of different sets. You can even search for any used icons in your posts, plugins/themes, and options, etc. Enqueue the icons you need with one click. Right after you enqueue them, the original version of font files/font CSS will be blocked.

Compute API

If you want to scale up the integration process and reduce the usage of CPU. It also offers advanced JS minification, which can be activated if that's not on default. It also provides a critical font feature by which you can decrease the size of icon files. The feature is excellent for CPU usage as well as shared hosting users.

Unlimited Image Optimizer

The inbuilt image optimizer of the WP Swift plugin is totally free. It chooses each image from your site such as plugins, themes, etc. and start optimizing them and even run a batch of bulk optimization.


Swift's performance is almost re-branded with the Whitelabel feature. You will be able to alter the description, plugin name, database prefix, and even the author of plugin.

Remote Cron

The option is beneficial if you want real cronjobs. After setting the remote cron, its API server will identify wp-cron.php to start WP cronjobs.

Continuous plugin updates

Even though the WP Swift Performance Lite is a maintained plugin, it’s updates are mostly related to compatibility issues. Thus, it could be comparatively easy to maintain a Pro account. Also, the Beta tester feature of the Pro version helps to get those updates more frequently.

Extended WooCommerce Features

Through the pro version, we can explore a lot more things, especially the extended WooCommerce features. It also allows disabling cart fragments AJAX calls and provides functions such as session cache etc. You can preload the cart's dynamic pages and the specific checkout page of WooCommerce.

How to use WP Swift Performance Lite Plugin?


The WP Swift Performance Lite plugin contains many features and settings, which we are going to discuss in brief as follows.

General Settings

The general settings of WP Swift Performance Lite plugin include things such as Hide Footprints, Disable Cookies, Prebuild Booster, Debug Log, Beta Tester, Gravatar Cache, Tweaks, and Heartbeat, etc. Plus, you can enable features like cronjobs, Google Analytics, and Whitelabel, etc.


Media is related to image optimization and embeds settings. With regards to image optimization, it has functions such as lazy load, Resizing, and small inline images, etc. It has settings such as YouTube Smart Embed, Excludes YouTube videos, Lazy load Iframes, Exclude Iframes, etc.

General Optimization

The Optimization> General includes settings, namely, Enable Server Push, Merge Assets for Logged in Users, Optimize in Background, Optimize Prebuild Only, Fix Invalid HTML, Minify HTML, disable Emojis, and so on.

Scripts Optimization


The Optimization> Scripts is related to Aync Execute, Merge Scripts, Exclude Scripts, Exclude 3rd party scripts, Footer Scripts, Exclude Inline scripts, Minify with API, Separate Scripts, Lazy load scripts, and so on.

Styles Optimization

The next is Optimization> Styles that include features such as Merge Styles, Generate Critical CSS, Extra Critical CSS, Disable Full CSS, Compress Critical CSS, Print full CSS inline, Remove Keyframes, Minify CSS, Separate Styles, Bypass CSS Import, and Exclude Inline Styles, etc.



The caching done by WP Swift Performance Lite is done in various forms starting with General, Tweaks, Exceptions, Warmup, Varnish, and Appcache. Then, it has additional plugins and CDN integration. The Warmup table of Swift further includes several features that you need to check for.

Pros & Cons of WP Swift Caching Plugin


  • CSS & JS combination
  • Various optimization styles
  • Several caching features
  • A list of detailed settings
  • User-friendly


  • Advanced features only in Pro account
  • Some issues need to fix after plugin installation.


So, this is our detailed review guide on WP Swift Performance Lite Plugin. We hope you have read the overall review and its usage process. The settings are quite easy to use and can be accessed with just a click of a button. So, stay tuned with the plugin and explores further settings in detail.

Article written by dk2lx1z
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