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Optimus Image Compression Plugin Review: The Uses, Benefits, Pros, and Cons

Written by dk2lx1z on 07/07/2020
Optimus Image Compression Plugin Review: The Uses, Benefits, Pros, and Cons

There is a lot to do when it comes to overall website optimization. You have to optimize the content, images, do SEO, and what not! The manual task at your end can’t be reduced unless you are introduced to facilitative WordPress plugins made for different tasks. They can save you a lot of extra time that can be spent on other required tasks. One such beneficial plugin is Image Compression Plugin, to reduce the image file size on your website. In this post, we're going to discuss Optimus Review, including the benefits, usage, merits, and demerits of the plugin.

What is Optimus Image Compression Plugin?

Optimus is another best image compression plugin with several exciting features to note down. It can do things very well with the use of Optimus’s server itself. It works on both PNG and JPG images file types with lots of bandwidth and disk space. The plugin helps reduce the file size of images up to 70% automatically.

Key Features & Benefits of Optimus Image Compression Plugin

Get to know the functions and advantages of the Optimus Image compression plugin, as defined below.

  • The Optimus Plugin is available in three different versions: the ‘Free’ basic version, Optimus HQ (Premium), and Optimus HQ Pro (Premium).
  • The output of image compression is displayed via percentage value on the panel’s window itself.
  • Any unnecessary and redundant information is automatically extracted from image files. However, it’s optional, so you can even decide to keep the data intact in photos itself.
  • It supports the import of progressive JPEGs.
  • WooCommerce Sites are also supported via Optimus.
  • This plugin is compatible with multi-site.
  • You can also optimize images created by WP Retina 2x or WebP.
  • The automatic optimization and bulk optimization features can also be accessed.

Pros of Optimus

  • No compromise on privacy as all the data is deleted.
  • Simple user-interface
  • Three versions
  • Certain advanced features

Cons of Optimus

  • No optimization of GIF image file type
  • No lazy loading feature

How To Compress Images With Optimus Image Optimizer Plugin?

Given below is a detailed guide on using Optimus as the image compression plugin in reality. So, let’s check out the function and usage of each step.

  • Optimus Settings
Optimus review setup

The Settings window of Optimus looks like as follows. You have several different options to configure for. Its interface is quite easy to go with. Still, we’d like to break it down for you as follows.

  • Image sizes

Image sizes are the representation of different images that are being compressed. By default, it shows you medium, large, thumbnail, and post-thumbnail.

  • Ignore Original Images

Activate this feature if you just want to compress the thumbnails and preserve original images.

  • Keep Image Metadata

As the name indicates, it helps you keep the metadata of images such as EXIF, photo information, and copyright, etc.

  • WebP Files

You can access WebP format if you have got the premium versions of Optimus HQ and Optimus HQ Pro.

  • HTTPS Connection

Image transfer is safely done via TLS encryption in premium versions of Optimus HQ and Optimus HQ Pro.

  • Manual Optimization

Activate the option to stop the bulk optimization process in between.

  • Optimus Bulk Optimization
Optimus wordpress review

The plugin supports the bulk optimization of images effortlessly. Right after the plugin installation, you have two different ways for bulk optimization.

The first way is to go to Tools> Optimize All Images. It helps in the compression of all images present in the WordPress media library. The process may take up a few minutes to complete depending upon the number of images present in a library.

Another way to do bulk optimization is via an individual selection of images in the WP Media Library.

  • Support to WebP conversion

As the newly explained image format by Google, WebP conversion support is exceptionally essential for an ever-changing tech environment. However, Optimus provides this feature only in Premium accounts.

  • Progressive JPEGs

The Progressive JPEGs are slightly different as compared to baseline JPEGs. Even though they show a full image, all the data is not loaded immediately. It takes a particular time to load. Meanwhile, the photos may look a little pixilated. So, Optimus makes progressive JPEG output as a great feature.

  • Developer API

The Developer API feature of Optimus allows its integration with the image compression process on your WordPress system. It helps you optimize and compress images even by preserving the metadata and support to WebP conversion.

  • Optimus Working Procedure

As soon as you upload images on WordPress library, the Optimus plugin sends these original images to its server for compression purposes. After they are being compressed, the plugin will send them back in an optimized manner. It does the optimization of thumbnails in the outside and background of the user's platform. Each compression is represented via percentage value.

  • Optimus Pricing Plans

Pricing plans of Optimus differ according to the versions of the project. The free version supports the compression of both JPEG and PNG image file types. However, there is a limit of maximum file size up to 100KB. The version further supports unlimited compression of images and progressive JPEGs.

Optimus HQ

The Optimus HQ is charged at $29 per year with a maximum size of file up to 5MB in both JPEG and PNG. It also supports features such as HTTPS connection, WebP conversion, and output of progressive JPEGs.

The Optimus HQ Pro is charged at $149 per year with support to all Optimus HQ features and specific additional capacities.

Website Speed – A Critical Factor In SEO Optimization Strategy

Rather than focusing on sweating on every ranking factor, you must know the top 5 SEO optimization strategies, including the website speed, as given below.

  • Website Speed

The page speed is one of the essential factors to check the growth of both conversions and traffic. Not only will the users benefit by the ideal page speed, but it also helps web crawlers to read the context of a specific page quickly and get it ranked. Beforehand, you can check the current speed of your website using tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights, etc.

  • Mobile Optimization

Always make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website presence. This is because more than 60% of Google searches are done on mobile itself. In case your site fails to be viewed correctly on mobile devices, Google may not rank that website. You can use tools such as Google Mobile-Friendly Test for checking whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

  • Link Building

Link Building is another #1 strategy to rank on the first page of Google. Google pays high importance to the website with more quality backlinks. The quality over quantity matters a lot as Google will consider your backlinks by sites with ideal domain authority and a significant amount of traffic. Various tools are available to check those specific websites for getting high authority backlinks.

  • High-quality and Engaging Content

Engaging and High-quality content marketing is required to grab the attention of readers and boost conversions. If you want to stand unique among others, make sure to have a different, engaging, and high-quality content strategy at every page on your website. You can further incorporate various best practices for better content implementation.

  • On-Page SEO

The practice of On-Page SEO is another crucial factor in earning organic traffic and improving its overall rankings. It includes optimization of HTML tags, headlines, and images. Also, look for a high level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness for your website.


Having read the ultimate guide to Optimus Review, we’d now like to conclude our post with some final suggestions. No doubt, the Optimus Image Compression plugin is worth considering, but it's quite expensive. You won't get the required features in the free basic version. On the other hand, the same numbers of high-quality features are available in ShortPixel itself at nominal costs. Read our ShortPixel Review, and thank us later!

Article written by dk2lx1z
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